"Reached target Graphical Interface" then nothing happens

I tried that but i couldn’t see the results as no graphics exist

It should be AHCI not RAID as ive been using it for a few weeks i should also add that for a few seconds before i lose all graphics when i boot up i saw some error that was like /sda/dev/ clean: and some numbers i forgot to include it in the original post because im an idiot

if no solution is apparent i can probably view the files system on windows 10 and copy them over before reinstalling the entire distro

You tried what?

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nvidia-installer-dkms -t but i couldn’t see the result of it

Oh i see. Were you booted into a TTY? Logged in as root? It should show on the screen?

Edit: You’re not trying to do this from the live ISO i hope?

Edit: Maybe i’m misunderstanding. You don’t have EndeavourOS installed at all? If that’s the case my bad. :man_facepalming:

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I am not trying to do this from a live ISO
I do have endeavour OS fully installed
i updated some core packages and had an issue where when i booted i would only get to “reached target graphical interface” and nothing else would happen

Okay so now i don’t feel so stupid. :laughing: Are you booting it up and going into a tty and logging in as root? ctrl alt f2

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Im booting it up going into tty with ctrl alt f2 and trying to log into root (i cant see what im typing so i just have to just type in my username and password and pray i get it right) and if i do stuff works like if i type poweroff my PC will turn off its just i cant see what im doing im guessing i need to somehow reinstall the NVIDIA drivers while like that lmao

So the screen is messed up in the TTY making it unreadable?

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Not messed up its just not displaying anything

That’s strange? Have you tried shutting it down and unplugging the cable and reconnect it and boot back up? Could it be the cable? Do you have another to try?

Edit: Or worse is it the monitor?

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im guessing its not the cable or monitor since im using them to type this at the minute lol

when i first installed EndeavourOS i didnt install with nvidia drivers and i got the effect im currently getting now i did reinstall it with drivers and it worked so im guessing its not my hardware

Have you tried updating. A new kernel just came out. It’s 5.15.4

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should i just try navigate to the TTY and type

sudo pacman -Syu
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Yes, no harm in trying.
Edit: Also if you ran nvidia-installer-dkms -n then it would be booting on nouveau if it uninstalled the nvidia drivers, so you would have to reinstall the nvidia drivers with

sudo nvidia-installer-dkms
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my TTY is working fine after i ran sudo pacman -Syu but i got an error that was /dev/sdb1 clean: files, blocks with numbers in between
(an example would be “/deb/sdb1 clean: 128347128/6108129 files, 24192147121/128487241 blocks”)
i dont remember the exact numbers but any thoughts on what to do next?

Did you install the nvidia drivers?

sudo nvidia-installer-dkms

Don’t reboot after.

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il try that now should i run it with a -t after first to check for errors?

Sure and you could see if there are any errors.

Edit: Don’t reboot

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it tells you to reboot if i remember correctly after installing drivers what should i do after should i just leave my computer or?