Re-installation of EOS, swap and the partition in Calamares?

Hey Folks,

I’m experiencing some minor issues with my installation. Specifically, hibernation isn’t functioning optimally. I created a swap partition after installing my system, and while it initially worked, hibernation no longer does.

I’m considering a fresh installation, as it might be quicker than troubleshooting the issue.

Currently, I have a dual boot with Windows and EOS. I haven’t used Windows for a long time and have no plans to. When I do a new installation, I’d like to remove Windows. I believe I can manage that. However, I would like to reserve space for another Linux installation in the future, such as Fedora or Ubuntu, to dual boot with EOS.

I’m encountering issues with Calamares. How should I partition my hard drive? If I let it choose automatically, it doesn’t include a swap partition. I have a 500GB hard drive and 16GB of RAM and would like to allocate around 20-35GB for swap, about 70-80GB for root, approximately 200GB for home, and the remaining 200GB for another Linux installation in the future.

I’m also considering a separate ‘tmp’ partition but am unsure about this.

I’ve partitioned my hard drive several times using Fedora’s Anaconda installer, but I’m having trouble with Calamares. Where do I find the mount points, etc.?

There was a change in systemd 255 that is currently breaking hibernation. It can be fixed by adding a file to dracut and running sudo dracut-rebuild. Have you tried that yet?

You can add a file called /etc/dracut.conf.d/resumesd.conf with this contents:

install_items+=" /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-hibernate-resume.service "

arh ok, I haven’t tried that.
It seems easy.

But I’m doing a fresh installation anyway, I’m not in a hurry now, with the solution you’ve come up with.

All the stuff you are looking for is in the “Manual” option in Calamares if you want to reinstall.

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