Re-Install Questions

I have been using EOS for several years now. Loving it. Except 6 days ago i loaded firefox and my GPU (Radeon HD 6850, how dare my 10+ yo budget gpu not work) proceeded to die (memory corruption i, including bars over the BIOS menu, windows 7 refusing to boot unless its in safe mode, and linux booting 1/2way then just becoming a black screen completely. GPU issue sorted i now have a 1060, upgraded to windows 10 from 7, heavily riced (for windows at least) it and im actually ok with it.

My focus is shortly going to be set on getting EOS setup. here are my questions:

  • What happens for NVIDIA drivers? some place seem to regard them as hell, some places said distros like EOS and Pop OS seem to install them and manage them for you. I also noticed several people say the current one had issues and so to use beta instead? Looked up on the EOS and arch wiki but for someone used to just doing sudo pacman -S mesa its a little more confusing.

  • Been following KDE 6 and i intended to reinstall anyway for this, as i seem to of cluttered up my root folder (29.3GB, with around 2GB free after clearing pacman cache) and now i have a gpu that can actually load any games post 2010 i wanted to manage my space better anyway. If i install EOS’s KDE, will i immediately be on kde6? or is it not in repos/not with the installer yet?

  • BIOS issues. In GPU debugging i tested the “load optimized defaults” option, and since then any attempt to boot up certain partitions has this error here. Google has told me kindly that this is secure boot, but i wondered if there is anything else i should check back for better compatibility with linux.

  • Wine/Proton + NTFS. Since i am planning to buy a game or two that don’t work on linux (R6Siege specifically, with their servers being the issue), and i have very much limited space on my windows partition (not sure where the space has gone tbh), with under the required space for this game available, i kind of need a solution. Previously i used to store most games on a specific games partition, in a 200gb SSD, but of course windows cannot access this. According to Valve, it appears i can run stuff from wine/proton if i format this games ssd to NTFS, as this allows for my windows dual-boot to access it. Is this a good idea? When i first used linux I saw a lot of places screaming that this wasn’t a good idea, but that was 2022 on ancient ubuntu forums.

Sorry about the text wall.
Can offer specs, just not sure how you want them (a windows tool? boot into the EOS live usb and send from there?)

if this should be split up into several questions please say so.


When you boot the ISO, choose the option for proprietary drivers from the boot menu. That should install the nvidia drivers.

Currently, plasma 6 hasn’t hit the repos yet but you will be automatically moved once it is released. This shouldn’t have any significant impact on disk space either way.

Cheers for clearing those 2 statements up.

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