Re-authorize kde online accounts


any solution for this problem ?

Yeah, don’t use Goolag…

Other than that, I don’t know. It’s not a problem with KDE, Goolag does not allow connecting this way. I assume the same reason why it’s so difficult (impossible?) to use gmail with Thunderbird.


previously it used to sign in without any issue but i did a clean install and this message popping up :joy::joy::joy: guess goolag is tbe problem :joy:

Perhaps they changed some API? Did you try updating your system? I don’t think that’s going to help, but it’s always a good idea to run an updated system…

system is up to date no problem there :joy::laughing: anyways thanks :joy: just wanted to know maybe kde or goolag fix it in future :joy::joy::sob:

IIRC, KDE has a lots of problems with Google accounts. There are a few bugs open.


gmail works more or less flawlessly with Thunderbird.

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agreed :100:

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I stand corrected. It’s been some two years since I tried and failed to get it to work.

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What problems did you experience with thunderbird and Gmail? I’ve been using them together for several years without problems…

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no problem with thunderbird whatsoever
great email client

Do you use an app password? A while ago Google stopped allowing the (API) access to accounts with the login password. Somewhere in security setings you needed to create app passwords (ideally for each app that needs access)

if it’s a clean re-install, google requires you to re-authorize. something dealing with the change in the api that doesn’t recognize the system. its a google thing.