Ranger/zathura in BSPWM edition: PDFs open in floating mode

A bit of an obscure question about the BSPWM spin. When I open a PDF from ranger with zathura as my reader, it always opens in floating mode. This annoys me, as I’d rather have it be in tiling mode, but I don’t know where to address it. I’ve checked rifle.conf and bspwmrc, but nothing jumps out at me that could be causing this. Any thoughts on where else I should look?

Hello there, running same environment here.

First of all, wonder what your rifle.conf contains, since it may vary.
Wanna check with mine? https://pastebin.com/KcmpUKDf

  1. What if you try with ‘lf’ (=“LF”, not “IF”, yay -S lf-git) or ‘nnn’ (sudo pacman nnn), for instance?

  2. What if you launch xdg-open “FILE.PDF”?