R8169 kernal module doesnt load automatically after an update

I updated the system last Friday and my pc stopped recognizing to my ethernet.
After 3 hours trying to fix it I found that r8169 module didnt load so i used modprobe to load it and it worked fine,but when i reboot the system i need to manually load the module again.
How can i load it automatically

According to this, you have to add a .conf file inside /etc/modules-load.d/

Did you have the r8168 package installed previously? If so, wtach out for a file


in /usr/lib/modprobe.d or /etc/modprobe.d.

This conf file is blacklisting the r8169 modul. Just delete the r8168 package and the conf file if you are good with the r8169 modul.

did not work

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