Quick question about switching desktop environments

To be quick, is it possible to switch to the other pre-configured desktop environments that come with EndeavourOS?

Here is an example: I installed the KDE version. Let’s say that I wanted to switch to Xfce. Is it possible to switch to the pre-configured version of Xfce that comes with EOS (if I had selected it when I was installing EOS) w/out reinstalling EOS entirely?

(Someone please correct me if I am wrong about the installer part, I don’t know much about it)

As far as I know, the Installer’s online option (netinstall), which is the only one that allows you to install KDE, installs a stock desktop; the only pre-configuration done is the wallpaper (?) and some autostart apps like Welcome.

Now, you can install stock XFCE from the Arch repos from your Kde install, no problem. sudo pacman -Syu xfce4 --needed. But if you really do want endaveour’s offline version of xfce, which is preconfigured, I’m not sure. All the packages needed are in the repos, so of couse you can do it yourself, but I’m not sure there’s a simple option to get it all pre-configured in enOs style.


I think if you install xfce then start the EOS welcome app there should be an option to switch to EOS theme.


Okay. Thanks for the help! :+1:

Also includes a tutorial to install it manually including needed packages…
you can also only download the packages list and run this to install:
sudo pacman -S --noconfirm --needed - < xfce4-packages-list
reboot into xfce and use welcome app to automatic setup EndeavourOS theme for you


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