Quick hello from someone exploring alternatives

Just a very short hello from my side because I am not sure yet if I am here to stay.
I want to evaluate EndeavourOS to see if it may be an option for me if my current daily driver turns sour.

By the way, you may want to start a section for Manjaro users, explaining what’s different and how some of the Manjaro specialties work over here…just saying :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate on the Manjaro users, because I don’t get that. Aren’t Manjaro users happy with the ready to go and one click approach Manjaro has?

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Not sure if I can speak for others but I really liked Manjaro since I discovered it earlier last year. Felt like I found my place and this is going to be the end to my distribution hopping. Because I like the rolling nature of the OS and the community. Well, this changed recently with a few Manjaro decisions I feel uncomfortable with and today the announcement that FreeOffice is now the standard office package.
Manjaro is still a great distribution which I’d recommend to anyone, but it may not be mine much longer. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-roadmap/96754/18

Hence I am here, exploring my options :slight_smile:
I have EOS running in a VM already, successfully (I think so at least) moved to Plasma. My first impression is that EndeavourOS would get me even closer to the source, means everything I have right now should just work fine if I was to jump ship?

The part which I expect to be the most difficult for me to transfer is the disk setup which is

  • EFI partition to boot Windows 10 (haven’t started it in months) and Manjaro
  • /boot (ext4)
  • luks encrypted btrfs for / and home

I think the op is referring to things like using grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg instead of update-grub alias that Manjaro set.

Indeed, or things like the Manjaro hardware manager. Don’t care about the guy but easily switching between kernels is something I really like as a safety net. There may be other things I am using but not even aware of, such as the grub example you mention.

Another difference I can think of is that Manjaro uses pacman-mirrors instead of rankmirrors or reflector to update the mirror list.

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Well, I, for one, is here because of the decision to collaborate tightly with Canonical and the inclusion of a snap store.
It helps that I have used both pure Arch and Antergos before, and I knew you guys were cooking up something.

…So I missed the last ruckus about free office.

pacman-mirrors is a great tool, definitely.

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I’ve read the thread and from what I understand from it, Philip Muller has made some decisions that aren’t officially announced yet(?!?) I do understand the concerns within the community, but I also think the Manjaro community should give Philip Muller a chance to explain the choices.

But coming back on your original suggestions, you’re right that EndeavourOS is a lot closer to Arch than Manjaro is. Although we would love to provide that service, none of the team members is very known with the Manjaro commands. Of course, we can figure it out, but it means that it takes some extra work for us, but most importantly it would be seen as an attempt to stab Manjaro in the back.

This may sound odd to the outside world, but even though EndeavourOS seems to be fishing in the same pond as Manjaro does, we have and show respect for other distro maintainers. None of us knows anyone from the Manjaro team by the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate your effort to show us a new way to make the community bigger and I’m certainly not trying to put you in place or something like that, but I don’t feel comfortable “snatching” new members this way from another distro.

Everyone who’s interested in EndeavourOS is more than welcome over here and when you’re coming from another distro, like any other distro, EndeavourOS has a period of getting used to the way it works. A lot of former Antergos members are in that situation also at this moment and we’re happy to give them or any other distro hopper a helping hand.


A little Google-fu for the commands goes a long way too :wink:

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I fully support respect and so forth; I am just explaining why I, personally, left the distro that have been my home for about 12 of the 14 months I have used Linux (well I used it for about a year in 2006, but that was… another time).

Manjaro still is, in my opinion, the second “best” (from a stability, quality standpoint) rolling distro after Tumbleweed, which is just awesome in everything except repo size.

I’m another ex-manjaro user…
I get upset when I see ‘corporate influences’ taking over :crazy_face:
so the stuff I miss so far:
pamac to search for software (even though I try to use pacman for installs and always for updates)
like now I want the suse imagewriter software…I googled it, it’s called imagewriter :roll_eyes:
but I issue ‘sudo pacman -S imagewriter’ and it comes back with error ‘target not found’…same for pamac
things I don’t like about endeavor so far…the install took too long, for some reason it installed every locale known to man…

yay -S suse imagewriter


You can use yay -S imagewriter or yay -S pamac and it will install. Pamac and imagewriter are in the AUR and not in the Arch repo, that’s why you can’t find it.


This one is new for us, I’ve never seen anyone with this problem on the forum before.

I’m a weirdo, Englishman living in France…so I want English but then when I say I want Paris timezone the installer decided I should have some french numbers and stuff which I don’t mind BUT never had all those locales install with other arch distros
Anyway, YAY I uses yay to get my imagewriter installed…good to learn something new everyday :laughing:

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Don’t take me too literally on this one. My comment was meant lightly, I would absolutely not expect nor want you guys to officially promote people jumping ships.
Actually, your response is pretty telling to me, in a good way! If this is the general attitude around here I know this is a place I would enjoy!


I’m flying now…
yay -S inxi

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Yay is my goto tool on Manjaro as well :slight_smile:

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Good to see your positive response.