Questions regarding environments

Hi, Aaron, 13.

Just thinking of installing Endeavour tonight, as I just saw this at the topic at the LM Forums, where theytalked abut distros of Linux and what they think about them. I saw a person saying this is a newly created Arch-Based OS. Thought of giving it a tryafter all distros I tried on my old Laptop.

Are the environments for Endeavour furnished for Endeavour? Or is it fully vanilla like Arch?

Nice OS though, Happy Anniversary!


Hi Aaron,

welcome on the forum. All the environments are close to vanilla, pre-installed are Firefox, yay (a cli AUR helper to install packages like Spotify, Google Chrome, Dropbox for example) and Nano.
It’s just the basics to give you that jumpstart in Arch.

You can always ask us when you’re stuck, there are simply no stupid questions. We also don’t look down if you use tools like Pamac, Appimage, Flatpak or Snaps.
It’s your system and it’s up to you how you customize it to your needs.


Noice! Still downloading the ISO though so I think it will be ready in around 3 hours due to slow internet. Thanks!

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As far as I can tell, all DEs come directly from the Arch repos, so they are as vanilla as it gets. There is one additional non-Arch repo for the EOS stuff, that gives you a handful of nice utilities (like yay), some helpful scripts, a spiffy desktop background, etc… But that’s about it.

I installed EOS with KDE yesterday and I’m really happy with it, it’s super responsive, no bloat, flawless performance. And not much fuss in getting it all to work.



All DEs are provided as vanilla, except with Xfce you can choose between vanilla and the EndeavourOS theming. That selection can be made either at install phase (offline or online mode), or after install with the Welcome app.

More info can be found at the EndeavourOS wiki:

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If you can live with XFCE for a desktop environment, this might make you choose the ‘offline’ option of the installer! Much quicker in your situation…

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I think I can at least get Cinnamon? Or Mate. They’re decent enough for my liking.

No what @freebird54 meant is that the offline install is a quicker way to get into EndeavourOS and after that you can install Cinnamon or Mate manually.

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Ohh, So can I remove xfce after installing DE’s I want?

Yes, you can after you have installed cinnamon or Mate​:grinning:

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I just did the offline edit - ONLINE install (Vbox) and it took around 35 minutes - not bad considering a USB install of KDE generally takes a good 20 minutes.

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How much power has your VM? 35 minutes for an offline install is pretty long, it usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

I guess download speeds - but I’m using desktop, and back-in-time took a backup during that time too, and I went downstairs and cooked sausage and eggs and a fresh pot of tea… No complaints here. I don’t expect super fast using an i3-4130, Ram was pretty much topped out too (qbittorrent running some uploads).

But you don’t need internet for the offline installer, didn’t you mean the online installer?

ROFL yes, sorry - wow - I can’t believe I mistyped that. Yes, online - if offline then probably 15 minutes because it’s a bit of a stingy install - need to add some bloat here :wink:

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It’s a DUTCH based distro after all… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@manuel @fernandomaroto @joekamprad @Pudge @FLVAL

Don’t kill me, It is an International based distro.


Say no more - I worked with a Dutchman a few years ago, he never had enough money for a cup of tea :rofl: and he rode a bicycle to work in 36 degrees celcius blazing sunshine.

This is exciting and new for me - Manjaro was so much leaner than Mint, but this is super clean.

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Oh, he was hardcore Dutch, believe me even in the Netherlands those are rare species.

Yes, sorry - but I think I’m going to have to Flag you for going off topic here.