Questions about open source games

Just curious about this. Why are there no or very few open source games in the mainstream market? Is it because open source is bad for gaming devs? Like if one were to make an open source game, could people easily create mods/forks and create a “better” version of the game? (I mean that would be cool and all but if youre a developer, I guess that would kinda suck)

Or could it be that open source isnt that well known or supported by most people?

I think that it is a combination of developers wanting to make money and wanting there game to reach as many people as possible.

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Yeah, you’d have to be extremely passionate person to the point of no return, to make some serious game open-source!

It’s very hard task in general and especially when you’ll get no money outside of maybe some donations (if very lucky)…

Modding community is kinda like that, sometimes on serious full-conversion mods people work for 5-10 years, it requires skillful team and extreme dedication. And this is only modding, not from scratch :upside_down_face:


Well, that’s kinda disappointing. I guess I see why no one has been crazy enough to do that :joy: But still I would love to see more people doing insane projects like that and they get recognition from the mainstream gaming community. I’d be happy to support and donate to such projects :heart:

There are some games. But It’s pretty hard to develop bigger games without a dedicated team. Game development is time intensive and you need a wide range of skills for it. Programmers, musicians and artists all need to have the same vision and have to do it basically for free (at least at the start). It simply is really hard and the people who work on it may never even get payed for doing it.


Anyone try Eve online on Linux?


Now I have to try this! Being in lockdown, I have the time and that trailer looked awesome!

I have tried it on Windows but supposedly it can be run on linux. I would be careful as it isn’t really supported per say and it may mess up your installation. If you have a Windows machine would be what i would try it on.