Question reg. Krusader

I dont like thunar for some reason and as of recent, discovered two panel file managers like krusader. this i want to implement as a default file manager.

how to do it please? :slight_smile:

Did you use Plasma as DE ?
If yes install the krusader package :

sudo pacman -S krusader

I don’t use it so test it on virtualbox before…

Not sure which which DE Thunar is preinstalled but it’s not Plasma.


It comes with Xfce. That said from what I’m seeing via Google there shouldn’t be any issue running Krusader in Xfce.

You can also use Krusader in other Desktop Environments, not just KDE-Plasma. It doesn’t pull in many dependencies like some KDE applications do. I use KDE now but I’ve used Krusader with XFCE and it was fine. If you are using Plasma then go to Settings>Applications>Default Applications and set Krusader as default File Manager instead of Dolphin, once you have installed it as @FLVAL showed. :smile:

I am using xfce
changed entries in /usr/share/dbus-1/services/ then opted to nano lines in FileManager1, Thunar and FileManager, however after reboot, thunar still active as FM.

As standalone, Krusader works without any issues, opens up and does the job its meant to do, however in xfce, under applications, I am failing to find the option to default anything else apart from thunar :frowning:

in XFCE:

-> Settings Manager -> Preferred Applications -> Utilities -> File Manager …

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perfect, works like a charm now, thank you very much.

was wondering where the settings manager button was hiding


Another possibility is modifying Thunar perhaps - if you can isolate what bothers you about it :grin: For instance, if you are missing something you wish it did - it probably can be added. If it does something in the ‘wrong’ way, it can probably be changed. If it is the style, or the spacing on screen - it can be altered. IF you want tabs instead of windows, it can be so.

(just in case you weren’t aware of that - and if it can help)

The downside to KDE apps is that many of them seem to ‘pull in’ the world as dependencies (if not already on KDE) - well, 20 or more packages is not unusual…


Yea, not going to modify anything now that the settings manager was unveiled to me :slight_smile:
Currently installing xfce on laptops and kde on main, gonna play around a bit as arch was always a pain to setup and arrange it for my needs from square one, this makes things a bit quicker and easier. Especially as I am more a fan of the old school total commander and Krusader just brings warm feelings to my heart.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile: