Question: "nmount" plugin within nnn using i3. [A bit obscure, eh?]

Sorry… if I could find an i3 forum with an nnn subthread, I’d post there :wink:

But I figure those using i3 & nnn are most likely to have hands-on experience with the nnn plug-in called “nmount” (written by none other than the esteemed Arun Prakash Jana himself).

Despite having inspected the script code (and the syntax of the underlying commands invoked) I’m clearly still missing something. I keep getting an error like this…

The error message states that “sdb10” is not mounted below /media/ - but as can be seen in the lsblk output above, it clearly is. I am the owner of this partition, so it’s not a permissions issue.

And I get this same error with any partition - either mounted (when trying to unmount) or unmounted (when trying to mount). So it’s clearly user error on my part.

Having exhausted all of the alternatives I can imagine, I’m hoping someone can whack me on the side of the head with the simple answer. :roll_eyes:

it probably wants /media/ rather than /run/media/. You can use /etc/fstab/ to override its mountpoint but this seems to be an nmount bug. Report it.

Good thought. But I have since tested every imaginable combination of paths - from long to short (and none) - all without success.

I guess I’ll keep trying since it’s hard to imagine this being a bug that got past everyone thus far … more likely issue: user error :wink:

Maybe that plugin has a dependency you have to install. I think the mounting/unmounting is done with udiskctl which is a binary of udisk2. Udisk2 is usually installed on EndeavourOS but it could be there are other dependencies.

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Thank you for the reply and excellent thought. It doesn’t happen to change my situation, but a few comments:

Actually the dependency is called udisksctl (vs. udiskctl), but I’ve confirmed that it’s already installed. Same with the other dependencies seen in the plugin script (lsblk, pumount, pmount).

As it turns out, the #comment section of the script does not mention the need for udisksctl nor pumount (only lsblk and pmount) - so that comment could be tightened up a bit.

But bottom line: I do have all of the dependencies installed (actually, I’d checked before posting here) and apparently this wouldn’t be the cause of the behavior I’m seeing from how I’m using it.

There’s nothing in the script that looks troubling (to my meager eyes), so I’m back to assuming there’s a syntax issue that’s not likely documented anywhere in the script.

Thanks for trying!

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Yep…my bad