Question about using this forum


I Just wanted to know is it okay for people who use normal vanilla Arch to seek help on the endeavouros forum? I’ve installed Arch many many times but I am very new to linux and have given up many times too.

I’m planning on installing Arch and trying again but I’m not able to always ask for help on the Arch forum, so I was wondering if it would be okay to come to this forum if I needed help with Arch?

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Help with arch is best left to the arch forums. Welcome! :hugs:

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Thank you.

So if a new linux user uses endeavouros how much help can they expect to get from this forum?

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Search the forum and you shall be rewarded,


In some instances to a ridiculous degree. :rofl:

People here are generally helpful and patient, BUT first look for an answer by DuckDuckGo-ing (g**geling) and searchig the forum for possible solutions to your problem or question yourself.

On the pure Arch question, there has been instances where people has gotten help on pure Arch problems, BUT using this as a substitute for the Arch Forum is not a good idea, as it might incite unnecessary grudge from Arch purists, if this forum is starting to be a viable alternative for pure Arch users, AND after all, this is the Endeavour Forum and it’s focus should be helping users of EndeavourOS.

Just my five Irkutsk Slobotnics…


Okay thank you.

I’m going to give endeavouros a go and of course before asking for help I’ll do my best to resolve issues myself.



if new why not just use EndeavourOS it mostly setup for you and youll find people here very helpful…

close as you can get to Vanilla Arch with happy people :shushing_face:


Yes thank you. I’ve just installed xfce actually.


Welcome @muj

Thank you @ricklinux

As far as I’m concerned, you can ask questions here regarding Arch, since, in 99% of cases, the answer will be the same whether you’re using vanilla Arch or EndeavourOS. You can even omit telling us that you use Arch (assuming you can resist the urge, btw :joy:) it probably won’t make any difference. Do not attempt to pull this off if you’re using a different Arch-based distro, like Parabola, Manjaro, or even Artix, because those are quite different.

This is because there is very little difference between EndeavourOS and Arch, and it’s mostly superficial. EndeavourOS is vanilla Arch plus one tiny repo with some custom theming and a few useful, user-friendly tools that are absent from vanilla Arch repos, like yay and inxi, a welcome app and a couple of useful scripts.

The real difference is this community.


Mission impossible :rofl:


Well I installed EnOS last night with xfce4 and I’m extremely happy with it.

I don’t want to say too much on this, but it is the reason that I thought of looking into this distro :smile:


nowadays we don’t say it, we just buy custom keycaps :joy:


@anon3337769, enjoy! :wink:

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We also say BTW i use EndeavourOS! :enos:


Welcome to the community :beers:

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Thanks @ramblinwreck :smile: