Question about slow downloads

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I’m trying to work out whether it’s an arch/server issue or a setting I need to tweak in system setup. Testing out the net install on laptop for the first time (awesome!), installing Mate, and with the aim of putting onto main system. Couple of issues with 2 packages, where downloads take up to 25 minutes to complete.

I use the Zen kernel, downgrade to 5.6 (just to avoid any possible issues with new kernel), enable chaotic-aur, then install wine-tkg-fsync-vkd3d-git, then install mesa-aco and winetricks stuff. Issue first shows with the wine-tkg, which takes 25 minutes to complete … I realise this could be an issue with the chaotic-aur server, but then numix-icon-theme-git took 15 minutes, so I thought I’d best check. Other installs/updates are fine, so I’m thinking it could just be that I hit 2 packages with server issues? Had run reflector before doing any installs.

Really impressed with net install, the slideshow, how detailed and clear the install is, being able to watch in the terminal at the same time, no bloat, easy to change login manager, and the welcome package … everything is really good, and the system runs very light. :+1:t3:

hello,you set the mirror (s)

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Hello JR29 :slight_smile: I’d used the Welcome screen to run reflector, choosing local mirrors, and saved the list. The more I think about this, it looks like individual servers, but the numix-icon-theme-git is github, so I’m not sure, unless they’re having some down time.

I haven’t posted yet on chaotic-aur but did on the TKG issues page. They reassured me there are no changes to wine-tkg package.

wine-tkg-fsync-vkd3d-git is an 86MB package so depending on your connection to the chaotic-aur server that could take some time. 25 minutes seems like too long but I suppose it depends what your connection is like.

numix-icon-theme-git is only 4MB and is also on chaotic-aur so it shouldn’t have come from github.

Are you sure that you got those from chaotic-aur and not aur? Because if they came from aur that could have been the time they took to build, not download.

As side note, do you know/trust the people behind chaotic-aur? I ask because when you enable a 3rd party repo, you are basically giving the people with the ability to post packages to those repos the ability to run any code as root on your machine. I am not saying they are not trustworthy because I don’t know them, I am just wanting to make sure that you do find them trustworthy enough to take the risk.

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Hi dalto :slight_smile: and thanks for your message. I do have wariness about using repos I don’t know, but I was seeing everyone referring to their ‘wine to rule them all’, and feel comfortable with TKG, so, although I don’t really know much about chaotic-aur, I think to myself that if TKG trusts them to host their packages, they must be okay. I haven’t had anything untoward happening in the couple of months I’ve used wine-tkg, although I realise generally about enabling unknown repos that sometimes nobody would know.

I remove chaotic-aur as soon as wine-tkg is installed, and reboot, so it’s only on the system for the install time, then I re-enable it at some point later for a wine-tkg update only. Anything else is installed directly from repo/aur. Sorry, I hadn’t explained about switching off chaotic-aur, so, yes, the numix package was coming from github.

EDIT: tried installing Endeavour on main pc, but unfortunately only got in on 2nd boot, and system freezing within 3 seconds, so have needed to reinstall Anarchy. Got a chance to notice more … wine-tkg downloaded 137.1, and the larger size must be due to choosing most of the extra options. It installed in about 10 minutes. Numix-icon-theme-git installed in seconds. Maybe some extra installs and/or settings, are causing one or two issues e.g. with speed, and with recent hardware?