Question about mounting a data partition directly in /home/user

I’m putting this question under the category of newbie, simply because it’s probably far too simple to bother the big thinkers here on the forum with:

Currently I have my data disk , which is a very slow 5400 rpm HDD, mounted under /mnt/data to be able to leave /home on the SSD, since access to the dotfiles, if they were also on the HDD, is noticeably slow. I then just linked the folders with the data (Documents, Music, Videos, etc.) to /home/user. This works, but is somehow not elegant enough for me. Now I wanted to mount the data disk with its only partition directly to /home/user, to have the advantage that the dotfiles can be on the SSD. This would then look like this in the /etc/fstab:

UUID=caf40634-610f-4992-b2db-16d556eaf403  /home/uwe/  ext4  defaults,noatime  0  2

The question is simple. Is it possible and if so, is there any performance loss at boot time when the slow HDD has to be mounted to /home/user immediately?
Sorry for the stupid question. I will pray the “Our EndeavourOS” three times as penance, I promise! :pray:

ive had my data drive mounted in /home/username/data for a decade with no problems


That should be enough … :beers:

While it is perfectly fine to have /home/$USER as a mount point, or even /home, I prefer to have as a mount point some subdirectory inside /home/$USER.

Something like /home/$USER/Storage

There are two reasons why I like that:

  1. I’m using an SSD for my root filesystem, and I have /home/$USER/ on that SSD. It’s beneficial to have .config and many other such directories on a fast drive. On the other hand, pictures, documents, videos, and other files that takes up a lot of space, but quick access is typically not crucial, can be on the slow HDD. I can organise them with symlinks so that /home/$USER/Pictures is actually /home/$USER/Storage/Pictures, etc…
  2. If this HDD dies (and they all die eventually), I can still boot up my DE with all the configuration. If the SSD dies, then I have to reinstall the OS anyway, so who cares…

IMO, this is the most elegant solution. If you find symlinks to be inelegant, you can use bind mounts.

If you mount the data disk at /home/uwe as in your example, won’t that put the dotfiles on the HDD?

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Right, I have not considered … thank you @dalto , @Kresimir


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