Question about Kalu, Updates & Reboot Notify Popup

Will a future Kalu have the ability to tell you in a popup msg to reboot your your computer after installing critical/reboot necessary updates?
I referring to what antergos pamac did/does, which was quite helpful in knowing when you did or not need to reboot after update.

Not my intention to ask out of the way stuff, I’m only curious, as right now, I’ve been rebooting Endeavour, whenever my Antergos tells me to reboot Antergos.

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Just to be on the safe side, I always reboot after an update. I do not use Kalu or Pamac to update though. I use yay in the Terminal. I think that using yay to update is better than using those other two; I use Pamac merely to find programs which might be of interest to me (and both Kalu and Pamac are set to not open automatically when I turn on the computer).

I update the computer the first thing every morning (only once per day) and then reboot. It can’t hurt anything and it doesn’t take very long.

Just my two cents …


I don’t reboot at all after upgrade, thats part of linux magic that you don’t have to do that unless it’s new kernel. I love that it’s not this stupid windows who downloads whatever it wants without permission and forces you to reboot even if it’s tiny little thing. If I wan’t to see if something changed a lot I simply logout and login just to reload whole environment.
My recipee for kalu is to remove it :grin: Topgrade is great for upgrading packages.

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Antergos used a simple libalmp hook to notifier users if a system relater packages get updated. Sometimes you must restart libvirt with virtmanager or restart vboxdrv for virtualbox as example but practical you reboot later on depends but is not alwzys neeeded a reboot. Notification is to help but linux indeed not necessary not always

My recipee for kalu is to remove it :grin: Topgrade is great for upgrading packages

Thank you for the hint about topgrade. I didn’t know it until now. I will test it for a few days.

kalu is old and uses single libalpm/pacman , topgrade dont want to start because it does not know what i use …? but i like kalu anyway not so font of things like a wrapper uses another wrapper…

I actually like kalu, not too much in my face but still informative.
And as far as installing/rebooting is concert…
I never use Pamac, don’t think I have it installed, it’s yay for me.

I will volountarily reboot whenever a new kernel, system-d or plasma update comes along.

And then there are the few unvolountary reboots I have to do when moving my laptop from docked/undocked as this sometimes screws things up