Question about Gnome Boxes

Hi all, new user of Endeavour OS and I’m still trying to set everything up. I have a Windows 10 VM running on Gnome Boxes that I am trying to set up but it is running incredibly slowly. I have tried to investigate and the only thing I have found is that the Red Hat QXL controller display runs at 1Hz; would this create the problem I’m experiencing? I have a R5 5600X and RX6600 and giving it 10GB of RAM, so I didn’t think I would experience performance issues I thought it would just be an issue on my end since I’m still new to setting up VM’s.

Would anyone know the steps to solve this issue? I have not found anything else online that has fixed the issue I have. If anyone needs additional information to solve this problem let me know. Thank you!

Depends on what you mean by running slowly? With virtual machines, graphics aren’t going to be all that good. Certainly usable, but you won’t be say playing games inside of one without doing something complicated like GPU passthrough.