Question about eos-update-notifier

I just got my antergos system using endeavour repo and mirrors today.
Aside from a few mysteries of why things are doing what they are doing, everything for the most part is working.

I’ve gotten yay reinstalled and installed eos-update-notifier.

My question is if there will be a tray app indicator for it at some point?

its basicly just a news notifier and a updater… no tray…

but personal i am on update diet :slight_smile: just looking for moments for update , update out of sight mostly not encourage to update faster… :slight_smile:

If I get you correctly, you’d like the tray button as well?
I myself like being able to click a tray icon to bring the updater up.
That’s what made pamac convenient as it was the updater plus the repo viewer in one click.

I’m not complaining or anything, just was super confused when I got the eos updater installed I was expecting something to tell me it was there and functioning…it messed me all up lol

AH!!! and the info @ricklinux just supplied me with, it does show, BUT only if there is an update I guess.
I was just looking for that it’s always there icon :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sort of out of my comfort zone doing things like this after everything running right for so long I just get figgity and afraid that the day I come home from work and just want to sit and do nothing and boot up and something is broke and takes hours to sort out.
I realize everyone has something going on in their lives and not trying to be whiny ,
–>large rant deleted<–
(head explodes)
felt good to get it out though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou for the clarifications

eos update notifier is silent, it only shows itself when there’s an update, it also informs when an update needs rebooting.


May i ask if it shows the number of updates?

At this time the notification screen doesn’t show the numbers of updates but @manuel is still creating modifications every day and perhaps he can shed a light on if this feature will be added in the near future or not.


Thanks for the heads up! :smile:

It could show the number of updates, or it could show the package names pending update with version numbers.
I’ll think about it and probably implement both variants with configurable options… :slight_smile:

But please note that (as a general rule in any software) every new feature increases the size of the app and potentially makes it gradually more error prone. So even with good ideas as this needs careful consideration about the pros and cons.


if the depency get pacman-contrib , you can just use checkupdates sure is a line more is not you need expend more :slight_smile:

using checkupdates or just checkupdates | wc -l will show nr’s of updates

as checkupdates -d , only download the packages , probably the same as pacman -Syw dont know if u needed with that :stuck_out_tongue: but you can keep it small because you dont have to script a notifier type.

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Thanks @ringo ! I was already using those commands, and now I added pacman-contrib as one of the dependencies.

The new release eos-update-notifier 0.6-8.1 shows (by default) the number of updates in its notifier window. Note that it can be configured to show the package names instead.

The configuration file is in /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf and has a new setting

    ShowWhatAboutUpdates=number  # either "number" or "packages"

The default is word “number” which keeps the notification window simpler. A more informative choice is “packages”, as it shows the upgradeable package names and their version number changes.


Again, I am baffled by the speed you’re working with.


the tray icon thingy is not in the plan, at least for now. I haven’t personally studied how to implement it, but as @joekamprad has said elsewhere, it involves lots of extra work, and unfortunately I don’t have that time currently.
But if anyone can help and come up with a (preferably small and simple) bash script for creating a tray icon notification, I can take a look at it (but no promises though).

But there are some workarounds you might want to do.

First of all, you could disable the related systemd service:

    systemctl --user disable eos-update-notifier.timer

and reboot. Then it does not notify about updates anymore, but you’ll get all other features by manually running terminal command


anytime you want to update your system.
And you could even create a launcher on your desktop for it by right clicking the desktop and selecting Create Launcher (or similar, I translated this on my desktop…). The command for the launcher is “eos-update-notifier”.

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Some icons for futur to notify the eos-notifier. :rocket: