Question about DNS records

Kind of off topic, but how do I make two different domains point to the same website?

Let’s say I have domain 1:

& Domain 2:

How do i get them both to point to the same website?

I added an A record for the second domain to point to the IP address the first was already pointing to it and I get errors and my browser won’t even let me navigate to the website with the second domain

How is the website being hosted? If it is on some virtual shared host it is probably using the DNS name to know which site to serve so hitting it via a different name won’t work.

If you control the server, you can change the config there. If not you will have to use a web redirect or something similar instead of relying only on dns

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I am hosting a yunohost instance on a VPS. Yunohost is a linux distro for selfhosting made simple, but I don’t really understand networking/dns that well so I am struggling. What is a web redirect? An app like nginx or something?

I have never used yunohost but is there config there that lets you tell the site to answer on both names or to answer all requests on that IP address?

A web redirect is basically a website that is nothing but a redirect to another site. Sometimes DNS providers offer that service even though it isn’t dns.

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Could you use an URL redirect in the code?
If I understand you correctly - you want to Redirect from a site to another automatically.

The code below will wait 5 seconds before redirecting to

add this to the html of the (old) site to point it to another site:


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; URL=" />


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I have two domains I want to use for the same website not two sites. The second domain is a spelling variation of the first , so i want both domains to point the same wrdpress site, if that makes any sense

it’s on a vps, which i rented from vultr