Qtile Screens


After installing qtile the screens are reversed and the mouse does not transition well over the displays nor do the keybindings work well. After using the documentation and xrandr to list monitors and reorganize them I came up with two problems: the changes made with the xradr setup are not permanent and even after reloading the wallpapers are left chopped up. Although the bar looks ok. Probably the main issues is making the xrandr changes permanent although I don’t know if this would affect my working Xfce install.



I also don’t get how qtile works on multiscreens. I managed to add two bars but the workspace are odd. i3wm seems much easier in handling multiscreens.

I don’t get how it works at all? :laughing:

  1. Use arandr to arrange your screens and then save the script it generates.
  2. I created a folder called /usr/share/xsetup (requires sudo)
  3. Copy the script generated by arandr to that folder. (via sudo)
  4. Set the executable bit on your script.
  5. Edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
  6. In the [Seat:*] section, uncomment display-setup-script= and session-setup-script= and add the path to your script in /usr/share/xsetup/

Now when you reboot, the screens should be all lined up the way you like them.