Qtile-git update broke endeavour os config

Qtile x.xx.x, released XXXX-XX-XX:
!!! Config breakage !!!
- lazy.qtile.display_kb() no longer receives any arguments. If you passed it any arguments
(which were ignored previously), remove them.
- If you have a custom startup Python script that you use instead of qtile start and run init_log
manually, the signature has changed. Please check the source for the updated arguments.
* features
- Add ability to draw borders and add margins to the Max layout.
- The default XWayland cursor is now set at startup to left_ptr, so an xsetroot call is not needed to
avoid the ugly X cursor.
- Wayland: primary clipboard should now behave same way as with X after selecting something it
should be copied into clipboard
- Add resume hook when computer resumes from sleep/suspend/hibernate.
- Add text_only option for LaunchBar widget.
- Add force_update command to ThreadPoolText widgets to simplify updating from key bindings
- Add scrolling ability to _TextBox-based widgets.
- Add player controls (via mouse callbacks) to Mpris2 widget.
* bugfixes
- Widgets that are incompatible with a backend (e.g. Systray on Wayland) will no longer show
as a ConfigError in the bar. Instead the widget is silently removed from the bar and a message
included in the logs.
- Reduce error messages in StatusNotifier widget from certain apps.
- Reset colours in Chord widget
- Prevent crash in LaunchBar when using SVG icons
- Improve scrolling in Mpris2 widget (options to repeat scrolling etc.)