Qtile edition?

Would anyone be interested in a Qtile community edition?

Qtile is a window manager written in pure Python: http://www.qtile.org/

It’s easily hackable and comes with lots of great features. I think it would be great to make a community edition for it. If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll start work on it!


A few more things to think about:

  • In terms of Terminal both Kitty - UXterm and Alacritty cause problems on ARM - so your better of using Termite or XFCE4-Terminal
  • Standardize your netinstall.yaml file. Keep Qtile stuff separate to that in Base. So the Base part of netinstall.yaml is the same for everything You’ll get what I mean when you look at it!
  • Take a look at the ARM install script later too. https://github.com/endeavouros-arm/install-script
    I think it’s this one ask Pudge later!
  • Try not to use anything from outside the repo’s (Nothing in the AUR) - don’t be afraid to ask though!
  • You have access to polybar

Everything else is your choice! Enjoy!


I’ve just installed it. Would love a community edition.


Ive played around with xmonad and qtile this weekend and was wondering the same. Would be great!

Edit: funny coincidence :grin:


my understanding, reading through the documentation, is that qtile comes with its own bar widget, but can accommodate “third party bars”.

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I was just saying it was available as it is in the AUR but had been added to the repo’s. Because my previous point told him not to use anything from AUR. :grin:

Ok, qtile is pretty straight forward with the widgets!

(I spent a couple of hours on xmonad but could not figure out how to add active workspace numbers on my bar :crazy_face: I am not a haskell guy) took me 1 h in qtile to get to know the config… :wink: guess I am more python

Now I just need to figure out how to make my brightness and volume buttons to work and I am ready to go.

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Ok, EOS repo I assume.

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Awesome to see all the positive replies! I’ll definitely look into it then. Should I make a separate thread or use this one?

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Seperate Thread please :wink:

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Started here: Qtile Community Edition - General Discussion

Xmonad spin might be something for another month :wink:

Not understanding the ARM stuff much right now… that might be something for later. This repo seems very easy to grep: https://github.com/EndeavourOS-Community-Editions/sway

edit: nah, it’s just a file for each desktop, nothing complicated. seems to be just a pkglist that is specific to Swaywm: https://github.com/endeavouros-arm/install-script/blob/master/sway-pkg-list

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