Purism Librem grift

Everyone heard about super-expensive USA-only models, i’m sure…

…but that…

…and especially that…

…raises some serious red flags.


Just a headsup for fellow privacy minded crowd.
Sad privacy clown:


Yes, Purism is a total scam… I’ve never heard anyone trustworthy say he’s happy with it. Frankly, I’d rather have a Pinephone, which is overpriced utter crap.

Louis’ advice of just getting a Goolag Pixel and installing a custom OS like GrapheneOS on it seems reasonable.


Pro model is much better than original though.

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Much better, but still fairly meh. But yes, this looks usable.

The physical privacy toggles on the Pinephone are a great idea in my opinion.

Giving money to Goolag… Never :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In another topic, @pebcak have talk about Volla. You can apparently dual boot linux phone/android.


Yeah, if I were to do that, I’d buy a used Pixel.

This could indeed be an acceptable compromise.

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Used by whom, feds? :rofl:


I mean Graphene is pretty great.


From what I’ve seen, GrapheneOS is pretty great, although the author of it… well, how to put it in order not to sound too insensitive… he’s nuttier than squirrel’s poop.

He is a brilliant programmer, but his highly erratic behaviour, and complete lack of social skills have put the project in jeopardy many times. Pretty much anyone who has cooperated with him ended up in some conflict with him.

He even managed to alienate Louis Rossmann who has praised and supported GrapheneOS for years.


When I saw this video, I laughed like a maniac when I saw that Louis was showing the conversation with the dev and he was still spamming :rofl:

I think sadly that Strcat have some mental problem. He seem at least paranoid and/or bipolar.


The diagnostic becoming more and more current, it will eventually end up being the “new normal” :sweat_smile:

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Paranoia is probably true for anyone who feels the need for absolute anonymity and afraid of every one and thing around them. . .

Yeah, that’s given.
I was trying to write some security / privacy dangers and mitigation brid’s eyes view map for myself once…

To find myself literally in that situation:


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@Kresimir There ya go. I mean, our resident paranoid anonymity guru even agrees.

It’s probably partly good, especially for us who use graphene.

Shhh…THEY are listening!!! :shushing_face:

See even forum layout has been affected (solution button), it’s T H E M !!! :scream:

https://www.paxo.fr/ Just found this kid, 15y old that have done a fully open source phone :slight_smile: Its not a powerful beast (ESP32) but wow that nice.


15 years old kids this days…Very impressive! :+1:

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Shoutout to graphene at the end!