PSA | Twilio | 2FA | Authy | Has decided to end of life their Desktop Authy Application for March 19, 2024


Thought I might share that Twilio sent and e-mail out today saying that they change their End of Life statement for the Authy Desktop 2FA application from August 2024 to now March 19, 2024.

The impact is you will only be able to perform 2FA via the Android or Apple applications after the End of Life date is reached.

Sad that the company has become so quickly divested in the solution. Personally I liked not depending on my phone for 2FA (e.g. of phone is lost or broken I can sign in using my desktop\laptop).

I will have to look for a dependable 2FA application for the Linux Desktop now.


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@dalto Thought I would ping you … just in case this should go else where.

KeePass2 (KeePassXC) can do TOTP

If you don’t want Users / Passwords and MFA in the same vault, have 2 vaults.

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Searching alternativeto, it seems there’s only one alternative that would work on a Linux desktop and mobile devices: ente Authenticator.

Never heard of it until now.
So, I guess I’ll just continue using Authy, though I have been considering a switch to Aegis.

KeepassXC, like @i386sx mentioned, looks like a good option too.

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There’s also 2FAS, which has Android and iPhone apps as well as a browser extension in lieu of a desktop app. It seems like it might have better privacy than Authy as well.

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