Protobuf update

I seems like the latest protobuf update breaks some dependencies. Without updating, Clementine refuses to start.

clementine: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The prior version of protobuf provides

If one wants to update protobuf, the package management wants mumble to be uninstalled.

I don’t know, if there are more effects with that update. Just wanted to give that information, if someone comes across similar problems.

It sounds like you are in a partial update state. You can’t selectively upgrade like that on a rolling distro like EOS. You need to update before installing software or you will have issues like that all over the place.

You can’t just update protobuf without also updating mumble at the same time.(Also, every other piece of software built against protobuf)

I definitely see your point and I know about the “problem” with partial updates. I put problem in quote/unquote because it’s more a logical behaviour than a problem regarding how rolling releases work. Due to mumble is updated not that often it’s quite unlikely that this will be resolved soon. I have the latest mumble-git installed (AUR). I’ll try mumble from the official repositories. Maybe that one works. I didn’t have time yet to test it.

If it is an AUR package that was built it from source, you need to rebuild it when libraries change. The package manager doesn’t do that for you.

In this case, uninstall it, update, then rebuild it.

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Thanks for the advice. Uninstalling mumble-git, updating protobuf and rebuilding mumble-git did the job.

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