Project screen to an external monitor

I’ve been using EOS Bspwm for a few weeks now, and there is one question i cannot find an answer for. In other desktop environments, such as KDE, and in Windows, you can project your screen to an external monitor or device, though things like an HDMI cable, by opening a menu via ‘super + P’ and choosing an option. Is this feature part of the default Bspwm Edition, and if not, how do I add it?

You might want to start reading here:

Will do. Thanks.

It seems that I would need to query the name of each monitor connected. Is it possible to create a script to auto-detect any devices plugged into the HDMI port and set it up?

Did you read into the link I posted? The answer to your latest question is right in there.

Oh, I thought that script needed the name of the monitor connected, and that it wouldn’t be useful. However, after actually running xrandr -q on my own machine, it lists the HDMI port. Hopefully this means when something is plugged into the port, I can automatically adjust Bspwm to use it. Thank you for your help.

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