Programs 'bleed' onto screen

I recently ( >1month ) installed Linux on a new laptop but have noticed an odd issue, I am not sure if this is KDE or even EndeavourOS specific. Let’s say for example GIMP is open (here (just regular gimp)), after a while, the image of it will ‘bleed’ in to the screen (here (this is on konsole but it shows over everything)) I did not wait very long so it is kind of faint, but you can still see it quite clearly. I really have no idea what it is or could be causing it so I am not sure what keywords to research independently, but I can willing to provide information necessary.

some information:
Kernel Version: 5.14.6-arch1-1 (this issue has happened over multiple versions)
KDE Plasma Version : 5.22.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.86.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Graphics Platform: X11
WM: Kwin
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3450U (8) @ 2.1GHz
GPU: AMD ATI 04:00.0 Picasso (AMD Radeon Vega 8)


  • mesa, lib32-mesa

  • xf86-video-ati

  • vulkan-radeon, lib32-vulkan-radeon, amdvlk, lib32-amdvlk

  • specified radeon.dpm=0 in kernel parameters

I will not be available to respond immediately, but I will be check back here within 24 hours.

I could be wrong, but to me this looks like a hardware issue with the monitor. Do you have the opportunity to try a different monitor?

Perhaps it could be a hardware issue, I did not think of that possibility. After some testing I discovered a few things that may be useful:

  • The problem does not seem to persist over a desktop background (in my case, a plain black color)
  • The problem does not seem to persist over an ‘animated’(right word?) terminal (example: bpytop)
  • The problem does not seem to persist over a game (example: Minecraft, CSGO, etc)

Could it still be a hardware issue, even with these characteristics? I am very baffled from all of this. To answer your question though, the problem did not occur on an older laptop with EndeavourOS (but it used an Intel CPU and Intel iGPU, if it could possibly be an issue relating to drivers or something), the problem also does not seem to occur on a second monitor using the same GIMP over Konsole setup as shown in the OP, which could very much identify that it is a hardware issue. In that case, do you know of anything that could be done to fix it?

I’ve never experienced or heard of anything like it. I’m as baffled as you are…

Can you take a screenshot of it (instead of taking a photo of the screen with your phone)? If it shows in a screenshot, then it is obviously a software thing.

How is your Konsole transparency set up?

I had used a phone to take the picture as it didn’t show up in screenshots or recording, which is probably a really big sign that it is likely a hardware issue. Konsole also does not have any transparency.

I think it is probably something related to hardware the more I think about it. I had initially discovered this issue when I was really tired and had not slept for a couple days so I was not really thinking very clearly.

Thank you for your help, should I mark your first reply as the solution?

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