Programing Qt5/Qt6 Designer: To hook up, to code completion visually

I am trying to make a small application, in python and already have some of the code written it’s pretty easy. I wish to use qt5/qt6 designer and eventually hook up code from it to compile and create a visual application using this code I have written.

I can find plenty of guides on youtube on how they do it, but it’s all windows based. I have tried searching for a guide on YouTube or the web that explains, how to do it, preferably in an arch-based distro. My searching skills are not the best, can you help?

Ideally, I would like a comprehensive tutorial in Video series form! I’ve looked at ‘Tech With Tim’ and others, but alas the mighty windows are everywhere, I wish to do this solely on Linux and preferably free.

It would also be advantageous to me if this could all be accomplished in/on Plasma.

Is using a Windows-based tutorial a problem in this case? Using Qt designer should be mostly platform agnostic with some minor differences.

The DE you are using should matter very little in this case. Certainly, Qt development is very effective in plasma. I do all my Qt development in plasma.

A couple of things you need to consider:

  • Many of the Qt tutorials and resources are focused on C++. While there are lots of people doing Qt development in Python and it is well supported, there are less tutorials available.
  • There are two different libraries for Python and Qt. PyQt5/PyQt6 and PySide2/PySide6. PySide comes from the Qt project so most of the official documentation will focus on that library. When reading/watching tutorials, make sure you find tutorials focused on the library you choose to use or it will get confusing fast.

Here is a tutorial series for PySide2/Qt5:


Yes sadly most of all have you poking around the windows interface, one video I watched in full showed you how to install the qtdesigner, to run it one had to dig to a specific folder somewhere deep in the bowles of AppData to find it. Using windows I have nothing specific against them, I have them/it in my possession. It just seemed counterintuitive to design a program on windows that would eventually be soly Linux based application.

I recall this fellow you mentioned in your post, I plan on following through by going thru the tutorial you have mentioned. Thanks.