Program in aur without installing it from aur

hi guys!

when I did the clean installation of the latest version of EoS and installed my favorite programs, I also installed simplescreenrecorder among other things.

This was using the simple command sudo pacman -S simplescreenrecorder.

now the pacman -Qm command shows me the program in question as installed by Aur.

in arch package the program is missing and can be found in the aur section

I ask if this is normal?

p.s. lately when i give yay command using terminal i see updates of all programs via aur;

instead, before when I give the command yay it would give me the updates present both aur and non-aur.

so I am forced to use pacman -Syu to update and then yay for the aur section

did I do any damage or is this also normal?

pacman doesn’t track where a package was installed from. It can only show you where it currently is.

So if a package was installed from the repos and then dropped to AUR it will show as coming from the AUR.

This more than likely means you are connected to a bad mirror. Try resorting your mirrors.

No, yay first updates your repo packages using pacman and then installs updates from the AUR. You don’t need to use both commands.


Recent big update of yay seems to include issues as well.
A quick workaround is to use paru instead until later releases of yay have all current problems fixed.

Sometimes a repo package will cease to be a repo package, and often in those cases the package will go to AUR.
Although that does not happen every day, it is not uncommon either.
The reasons may vary, e.g. another package will include the code of the “abandoned” package.


Looks like simplescreenrecorder was moved to AUR not that long ago:

First Submitted: 2023-04-01 17:32 (UTC)

and is now maintained by @FredBezies .

thanks a lot guys

everything is clearer now

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