Problems with the Konsole

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the terminal in KDE with ‘Konsole’ - when I use the shortcut CTRL+ALT+T, Konsole opens with root user. How can I fix this?

You are the second person to report this in the last few hours but I am not seeing here.

I am not sure I have any obvious suggestions without being able to reproduce it.


What about when starting konsole from the menu?

All good from there (menu)
I have noticed that dolphin (shortcut) also opens with the root user. Weird!

Me neither. what is the dolphin shortcut ?



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here also :roll_eyes:

Both Dolphin and Konsole keyboard shortcuts work as expected here :thinking:

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Maybe the problem would be with keyboard shortcut using root, it opens any app in root.

You need to find where is bad shortcut config.


I doubt which installed package caused this issue.

Check paclog to see what package was updated or installed. For example:
$ paclog --after=2023-05-22

or if you have btrfs snapshots for root subvolume, you can compare old snapshot and the current snapshot to detect which package or config is bad.

Works as expected here also. :thinking:

Same (runs as my logged-in user).
The first thing I would ask would be if you do shenanigans and have ran konsole and dolphin as root (which you shouldn’t do). Dunno, but that’s just what I feel would be the first question.

My system is behaving normally, although it’s heavily customised. Anything requiring root access still requires a password though, indicating security. If people are getting root access without a password, eek! This is a KDE system I am running, just to clarify.