Problems with Logitech MX Master 3 (bluetooth)

I am having a strange problem with EndeavourOS considering bluetooth. And specially with my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse which I have paired and connected with bluetooth.

Everytime i reboot my laptop and once it boots backup my mouse won’t automatically connect. Well actually it connects but the cursor won’t move. I have to power cycle the mouse to get it “moving”.

Already tried these from the arch wiki but neither seemed to work:,_M590,_anywhere_mouse_2,_etc)


EDIT: I have tested this also with Fedora 35 and on there it works without a hitch

Can you perhaps post how you enabled Bluetooth to get that out of the way. Did you

sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth

What Bluetooth app, blueberry?

Are you using latest or lts kernel? I was having wine Bluetooth issues recently on the 5.15 kernel on gnome a few days ago.

I just figured I’d cover the low hanging fruit.

Yes and my other bluetoot devices like my keyboard work fine, its just this moise that is behaving strangely

I was using the latest (5.15) kernel. I’ll test with the lts kernel.

Okay, so it seems the LTS kernel atleast seems to fix this. I haven’t done any longtime testing but after installing kernel i have done few reboots and shutdowns and the mouse gets picked up normally after every reboot, which doesn’t happen with the newest 5.15.7 kernel.

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