Problems with Arch repositories this last week

Forgive me if this has already been mentioned or if I’m being redundant, but pacman updates over the last week from my Arch based distributions have blown up with dependency problems. This has affected Endeavour, ArcoLinux, and Manjaro for me. I found a solution at the link below, just f.y.i.

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i dont know if manjaro got the case, manjaro is manjaro…its mentioned first in the team thanks to @fred :slight_smile:

but its notified offcourse. its from a cleanup, happyly is not a massive destructive issue. :slight_smile:

rememberd big time back there was a filesystem & bash update it broke te system i thought you had to update first bash then filesystem if filesystem came first it broke the system lol, hapy i could downgrade to a point but still…didnt read the headsup :slight_smile: but thanks for sharing because that caring :slight_smile: