Problems to set up background/text color Brave

I have installed Brave-bin from AUR.
I can’t get to see how i can configure the color of the text and the background to not always have that white background that tires the eyes …
I activated the reading mode but nothing changes.
I can’t find any tutorial that indicates how this is done in Brave, if someone can please give me some reference / URL … Thanks.

You looked it up on youtube.

Nothing comes about configuration colors, background, just some videos about instalation and general set up.

You looked at the firefox side.

i found nothing from brave at youtube.

I just went to the extension Dark Reader - very simple, and you can whitelist - or blacklist - sites that you need untouched.

Apparently there is no such configuration in Brave …
I have seen several videos, nobody mentions …

No, I will not put an extension that Brave considers “unsafe”. Thanks anyway.

Hmm - didn’t get that impression when I loaded it. Just a matter of whether you let it see the website… Potential for unsafe, I suppose, but I’ve seen no suggestion of ACTUAL bad behaviour.

Whether it’s the specific extension suggested by @freebird54 or not, I know Brave advertises compatibility and support for extensions installed from the Chrome Web Store.

I’m sure they’re is something there that will provide the functionality you are looking for :smiley:

OK, this is what i means by “unsafe”:

*Brave has not verified that this extension is safe. Install it only if you trust the developer.

Do ‘you’ know the developer?.


True of most extensions - so I rely on the numbers of people happy with it. I know that if it did something ‘wrong’, it is very likely someone would have pointed it out by now. Not certain, of course - but I don’t have anything that critical accessible by browser anyway (not Brave - I use a separate one for money etc)

The thing is that these extensions sell the information they get (they know what you are reading, what sites you visit, etc.) in my personal case I don’t give a damn since I’m a dissident / Christian who denounces them … and therefore persecuted, slandered by the secret societies that control the establishment in the USA, etc, etc, etc … it is a matter of ethics, do they watch ?, denounce them! — Now I can install it, thanks !!.
This is the reason why you should always need to look for the configuration that the browser itself can offer us.
The ‘happy ones’ are useful fools.

Any way, thanks for your advices and indications …

It could be, but I hope that someone would have noticed the traffic by now if this one did ‘phone home’. These things are often checked by people better at it than I am - but they could have missed it, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that anything can be found that works as well from Brave settings themselves.

Good luck. I wonder if anyone has made a browser with a dark mode default display for websites (with an opt-out per website list kept). I’ll keep an eye out - but don’t hold your breath.