Problem with tray icons

Hi, I have problem with “tray icons” in latest Gnome version…
Only when I use dual monitor setup, it works well, but when I do something on second monitor it becomes buggy, until I restart shell…
Here is example:
When everything is okay:

And whit problems:

I tried many different extensions:
TopIcons Plus
Tray Icons
TrayIcons: Reloaded

All of them have similar problems

same with default shell theme?

Sorry, I saw message today… Yes, same problem with default shell theme also

do you move tray to the right? i do have it in the middle and no issue like this.
And you have also another extension on the panel for the apps to show up there?

you might want to try turning off the other tray items, one at a time, to see if things are being thrown off by a specific tray item. I think one badly behaved tray item can mess things up like that.

if if dash to panel ? it might be that! as had trouble two day ago on my x86 gnome … just thought

i would bet on one of the other extensions handling stuff on the panel will cause that issue… or settings … the date is also on the right side what is not possible without extension afaik…

Thanks guys for answers…

Yes i have other extensions also, but all of them works good, only tray icons had problems, but I’ll try disabling them one by one and see where is the problem

Do follow the suggestions posted here.

I’ll add some info here which may (or may not) be relevant. Budgie also had a similar issue, which was from the system tray implementation they borrowed from GNOME (or Unity?). The issue has been fixed in the latest release since they re-wrote the sys tray implementation in Budgie. On budgie, some themes (like Materia) didn’t gave this problem. Why, that I don’t know.

I’m saying that the problem may be with the sys tray instead of the plugin/apps. I may be wrong so make sure you look other options too.

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I forgot to get feedback here… Yes, problem was with other extension(Frippery move clock), the one that moves clock on the right side…

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