Problem with Tagging of Music Files

How do you guys handle the correct tagging of your music files?

In the beginning I used to tag my files one by one with the tagger of the current music player. Later on I was looking for a tag editor which is capable of mass tagging and went with EasyTag and Ex Falso. And today, with nearly 35.000 files in my music directory, I’m using Musicbrainz Picard for automatically tagging my music.

But every now and then there appears a file whose tags aren’t recognized by a certain music player.

For example:

The output of DeaDBeeF, what Nautilus says and Quodlibet’s output:

It’s so time-consuming to find the mistakes every time that I wish there would be a universal solution for audio tagging.
I would be deeply grateful if someone could give me a hint for a constructive approach.

P.S.: Please excuse me for not having changed the scrots to English language, I forgot…

I’m using foobar2000 in Wine for listening & managing, for multiple reasons…
It’s pretty damn good in mass tagging and removing / embedding art.

But that’s surely ain’t what you’d like to hear on Linux forum :laughing:

kid3-qt is also usable for simple stuff (not sure really if it is for mass-tagging, maybe wanna try to see), for example i use it to rename actual files from tags by pattern - pretty handy.

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Thank you for your input so far :grinning:

Actually it’s not a problem with the tagging or the specific tag editor I think. What I mean is that certain music players seem to scan the tags in a different way. Even if the file is properly edited.

Maybe I should use only one single music player for good… but there aren’t so many which work with “album-artist” tag e.g.

Yeah i really hate those ones without ALBUM ARTIST…

And again, apart from that specific tag issues, foobar2000 still produces most compatible main tags out there…
I believe generally it’s ID3v2 + ID3v1 scheme, but don’t quote me on that… (try to see maybe tools that you’re using also have in-depth tagging scheme settings or something)
Also it can tag .wav files and .dsf files…what not :yum:

See this for flac, that’s most compatible scheme, if you can choose:

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Yes, I’ve used foobar2000 on my windows machine - it’s by far the best player on that platform. But since I’m 99,9 % of the time on the Linux machine…

O.K. - Can’t be a mistake to give foobar2000 another try (with wine of course) :wink:

+1 for kid3-qt. I have found that there are different tag ‘sets’ in different tracks, and kid3-qt enables things like ‘mirroring’ type 2 into type 3 tags, which should clean up your ‘see different info’ gripes. It is also batchable, along with some abilities to ‘generate’ tags from names, or musicbrainz or…

Don’t have it open right now - but you get the idea!


Well i’m 99,99% sure there is some tagging software which can also set such tagging schemes, it’s just matter of finding / knowing it…

Hopefully someone can advise :slight_smile:

That’s a good point! So kid3-qt is a candidate, too :grinning:

I use Easytag to do the text tagging and kid3-qt for embedding the covers which can easily be found via context menu – > Google images. Then just drag and drop from your browser to the appropriate field in kid3. Be sure you have selected all music files you want to embed the image.

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Thank you all for your suggestions and your help :grinning:

I went back to using mpd with ncmpcpp as backend and mpdscribble for scrobbling. And whenever I’m in need to browse my collection by album cover I’ll use Cantata in addition.

For the problem with the audio tags I’ll go the hard way and fix them step for step with the help of kid3-qt whenever it’s necessary or when I’m lazy. :smiley: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

AFAIK flac files use vorbis tags not id3 tags, may be deadbeef doesn’t handle vorbis tags.