Problem with Grub

after some update services start only with a long delay. USB etc. the image on the stick can thus no longer be booted. I can’t get into the bios anymore because of the long start delay. What can I do?

First off welcome @xmore to the forum
This doesn’t seem like a GRUB issue if you are unable to get to your BIOS. Did you happen to update your firmware at all? I’m not an expert and maybe wrong but and probably can’t be of much more help but someone will probably come along soon who can help a bit more. They will probably require a bit more information on exactly what happened to be able to help

It would also help if you could clarify this part. Let us know specifically what has occurred.

thanks for replying… I guess this have indeed something to do with this long time and well documented grub issue … I don’t get the bios because I don’t get the right moment for pushing f2 .anyway . I have no clue … perhaps I. Just wait for the next update the other way around

The boot process need time… more than usual. After I’m in, its needs time again moving the mouse and so on

Can you run systemd-analyze blame?

And also post the output of journalctl -b0

Sorry this is not very good

Copy the output and paste it into the forum post. Surround the output with ``` tags.

As in you do something like this

[output contents go here]


Okay get it. I need to go …my shift is starting. Thanks so far

For the journal logs, it’s best to use the eos-log tool. Run this:

journalctl -k -b -0 | eos-sendlog

It will output a link. Post the url here.

Thank you!