Problem with detection of charging state

This afternoon, I reinstalled EndeavourOS on my old Latitude E6400 using the Atlantis neo installer. Everything seems to be working well except for one very strange problem that I’ve never seen before.

Besides the regular XFCE4 install, I’ve installed my normal packages including linux-zen, tlp, and auto-cpufreq. On my other EOS systems, I run this combo with no problems. On this systen, however, auto-cpufreq is apparently picking up the “discharging” state from my Logitech wireless mouse and is forcing the system to use the “powersave” governor. If I unplug the Unifying Receiver, the system starts using the “performance” governor.

I assume that this is an ACPI issue but, as I said, not one I’ve seen on any other system. Any thoughts as to what to try? Do I need ACPID?


Remove auto-cpufreq - it’s mainly pointless compared to just using ondemand and/or TLP to set AC/battery governor and/or frequency limits.