Problem with detecting devices on the local network

Hello, I have completely broken the function of detecting other devices on the local network. For example, I want to broadcast a video via vlc to a TV from a computer, when I enter the necessary parameter, it simply does not see any devices on the local network. I also can’t do device verification in steam remote play. The Plex multimedia server running on my computer is also not visible on any device capable of connecting to it. And this is not a problem specifically for my PC, since on KDE Plasma I at least had verification in steam remote play successfully. How can I fix this?

Try to disable Firewall and test to see if it fixes problem, then if it is - just allow needed ports

When I disabled the firewall, everything worked, but I can’t find the necessary ports in any way. Can you tell me which ones to open?

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Not sure about your specifics here, maybe @dalto could give some better advice :upside_down_face:

For plex I would enable the service called “plex” in the firewall.

For steam, I would try the one called “steam-streaming”

I am not sure exactly what you are doing with vlc there.

the screenshot is not mine, but I follow the same steps

You would need to find out what protocol or service that is actually using.

I assume this is a SMART TV using DLNA. If so,
port 1900 UDP
should be opened on firewalld.

This is the port and protocol used for a DLNA client (smart tv) to communicate back to the DLNA server (VLC).



do you have activated chromecast support for your vlc?

It helped me that I just replaced firewalld with ufw Xd

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