Problem mit boinc / seti@home

hi, bin der absolute forum-newbie, daher sorry wenn ich hier irgendwas falsch mache …
als langjähriger ubuntu-user teste ich gerade endeavourOS und hab ein problem mit boinc /seti@home; wenn ich den boinc-manager starte, meldet er mir “Verbindung mit dem Basis-Client nicht möglich” und ich kann kein projekt hinzufügen. irgendjemand ne ahnung wie man dass beheben könnte? bin seit jahren bei seti@home dabei und würde nur ungern darauf verzichten :-((

I have been using seti@home for years, too. I have an active installation running on an old Antergos installation that still does beautifully, so I know it works well on Arch and it should run fine on EndeavourOS. I don’t recognize your particular error, but this wiki article has been very helpful to me over the last few years:

I remember having some trouble getting it set-up and running correctly at the beginning, but I don’t remember at this late date exactly what the trouble spots were.

I hope this resource will answer your questions. If not, please post back here and I’ll try to look further into the error.

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thanx a lot, I’ll try it later and will report if success or not

well it’s sort of strange:

  • there’s no group “boinc”;
  • /var/lib/boinc/ is empty;
  • “gui_rpc_auth.cfg” is in /~, also “all_projects_list.xml - client_state.xml - client_state_prev.xml - coproc_info.xml - daily_xfer_history.xml - stderrgpudetect.txt - stdoutgpudetect.txt - time_stats_log - .BOINC Manager”;
  • folder “~/.BOINC” contains “stderrgui.txt” (empty) and “stdoutgui.txt” (contains “cc_config.xml not found - using defaults”)
  • I started in a terminal via “boincmgr” and I was able to add a project seti@home; it seemed to work properly;
  • when now I start again from the endeavouros-menu it hangs with “aktueller status wird ermittelt”, starting from terminal works fine!
  • the command in the endeavouros-menu is “/usr/bin/boincmgr”, workspace is “/var/lib/boinc”, but this is empty; maybe I should change that in “~/” ???
  • well, in spite of all these troubles it’s fun to work with archlinux because a newbie can learn a lot … ;-))