Probably should've made this my first post

Ever since 2006, I’ve been extremely on and off when it comes to Linux, trying out distros like Mandriva and Ubuntu, but never fully replacing Windows as a daily driver. In August 2021, things changed: Windows 11 looked abysmal even for someone like me who eventually put up with 10, and I heard about this thing called Proton which lets a bunch of Windows games finally work on Linux.

So for the past year I’ve been experimenting with various Linux distros and software, trying to figure out which’d suit my needs best, and eventually I settled on a little distro called EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma. I’ve been daily driving it for the most part, but unfortunately I can’t fully replace Windows thanks to GTAV modding. Still, I try to stick with EOS as much as I can, and I enjoy it much more than Windows 10. Plasma feels more like a proper evolution of Windows 7’s UI than anything MS did for the past 10 years.


Welcome to the forum and welcome to EndeavourOS!

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No matter where you go or whatever distro you stay with or go to, as long as it’s Linux and you’re happy using it then it’s all good! Welcome to the purple side of things :enos: :wave:

While I can’t say anything about modding. GTAV/GTAO work fantastic on my end thru steam.

Also - Welcome to EOS forums. Glad to have you.

Oh, I know, I’ve tested it. The vanilla game works, GTAO works, mods involving ASIs (which also means custom cars and things like that) work, but FiveM doesn’t and probably will never work and getting .NET scripts and LSPDFR to work hasn’t worked out for me.

Welcome to the forum @Nelson340 :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face: :tada:

Welcome to the forum mate

First of all, welcome “home”
I assure you, you will incredibly enjoy the community here in the first place and enjoy EndeavourOS.


With all due respect… I do not like that Windoze forces me to buy a new machine every now and then with every new version.
I have an HP x360, I bought for my family just 2 years ago, trying to download and install Windoze 11, it said my hardware is not supported.

Meanwhile, this laptop I am using now is 10 years old!
And it is working as a brand new, latest, high specs laptop, though it was even a moderate laptop.

I would advise you, search for whatever software, games… whatever you will mostly find in Linux. But do not think “where is MS Office for Linux?” There is not… but there is an alternative and even better but with a different name, that is LibreOffice.

I have been on Linux since 2000 and never looked back. Even when I looked back, I was looking back IN the Linux world.

When it comes to EndeavourOS, I only look forward!

I wish you enjoy it here.

Did you try yourself or just researched?

The two best things that may have ever happened to desktop Linux may be Windows 11 and Proton. Microsoft recently tried to close off a workaround people were using to bypass the system requirements and the Microsoft Account requirement. Some people got around it again quickly but a lot more people are deciding we shouldn’t have to in the first place and just heading for Linux. Welcome to one of the better choices. Certainly the more purple choice! :slight_smile:

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You reminded me how I felt with my new laptop (above), when I am forced to use a M$ email account! Or even any email account!

M$ for long gave me the impression that it is M$ and Windoze who bought me and “own” me, and they made me pay for what “they” purchased - which is me!

Definitely Windows 8 instead of 11, which is the reason everything related to Steam started.

Yeah I think they caught on to the user being the product rather than the customer. And while I can accept that choice for certain websites and services, and even ChromeOS if I choose to limit myself that much…I do not choose to limit myself that much, and prefer to retain control of my system.

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LibreOffice is wonderful, but if you, like me, are too much of a creature of habit and (mostly in my case) just too cantankerous to want to change, MS Office through 2016 works fine with WINE. It has issues with logging into your M$ account, but who really wants to do that?

What I really mean is do not look for the same windoze app in Linux.
That is, look for a word processor, not M$ Word, look for an internet browser not for Internet, Explorer.

Hopefully this link might help. You can search for alternatives for almost any windoze apps under Linux.


In fairness, no one should be looking for Internet Explorer now. :wink:

People can look for Edge or Chrome, which are both in the AUR, if they don’t like Firefox (which they can also get on Windows).

Frankly I’ve been a Firefox user ever since its launch anyway, only dropping it for Waterfox in 2015 and I’m not switching from that any time soon.

Yeah, I’ve tried most of them over the years and they’ve all proved to be at least adequate. I’m just getting too old to retrain my muscle memory for an application that, when I use it, I’m focusing on what I’m actually trying to accomplish.

I have a hobby of writing fanfiction and am working on an original story as well. When I’m really deep into writing, having to stop and remember where something is just causes me to lose my train of thought. Sometimes that well-refined muscle memory can be a curse, as well.