Printing setup easier on Arch than EOS?

Note: this is more an observation, not a question

Just noticed this, and as far as I know I have installed the exact same packages on both:

sudo pacman -S cups cups-filters cups-pdf system-config-printer hplip --needed

Yet when I try to set up my printer in EOS I need to go to the web interface, the system-config-printer app never is able to install the printer in a working state (but can be used to administer the printer after it’s installed).
On Arch? Just click-and-go. I have no idea why. I have exactly the same printer packages installed and I can’t find any other packages that should have anything to do with this missing in the EOS default install…

I use an HP Deskjet 2722 using the official HP drivers.

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Are your user accounts part of the same groups on both installations?

Also, do you have firewalls running on either install?


Never activated the firewall on my Arch install. Might be that simple, because I have memory like a goldfish sometimes.


Also - if using system-config-printer, continue even it doesn’t SEEM to be working (ie: finding your driver). It actually does, and it is in the list when you go to finally install it…

No idea what’s going on - but it happens on Arch, EnOS, Garuda and ArcoLinux…

(This is for a Brother printer with an AUR driver installed)
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this could be a difference, as we have some choice taken from the beginning and never touched that, but i think we do not need the user inside all the groups…

    - users
    - adm
    - lp
    - power
    - video
    - network
    - storage
    - wheel
    - audio
    - sys
    - floppy
    - log
    - rfkill
    - optical
    - scanner

this is what we ship per default, but I am 99,9% sure we do not need lp floppy optical

shows also that:
video storage audio scanner are not needed + power and network are also not used anymore :wink:

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To answer that… definitely not since my Arch user only is a member of wheel and himself. So only two groups total.

I would think sys and wheel is all that would be needed.

Right to administer printers in CUPS.

Administration group, commonly used to give privileges to perform administrative actions. It has full read access to journal files and the right to administer printers in CUPS. Can also be used to give access to the sudo and su utilities (neither uses it by default).

Administration group, commonly used to give read access to protected logs. It has full read access to journal files.

Seems like you wouldn’t want that on by default from a security perspective.

yes this is what i do use here on Desktops too…

I have often thought of determining which groups are really needed, but shy away from really changing …

but now I have someone with may an issue so I will change that…

do you think so? as we do install only one user (not possible to install more with our calamares setup) it is nice that this user can read all the logs or not? it is read access only.
If you will go to create a second user with tools from DE or command you can decide to not put them into that group. plus I do think that if you use sudo and the weel group it will not make more risk then that, but may is also not needed as wheel group will bring that rights in already…

wheel: " It has full read access to journal"
so yea what for to add this then :wink:

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what is with rfkill?

rfkill /dev/rfkill Right to control wireless devices power state (used by rfkill).

Out of curiosity, is it the same DE for both Arch and EOS?

Yep. Xfce 4.16

Eos is using Archlinux Repository, we only hove some packages on Eos Repo we do need for theming yay is there too.

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I’m well aware :+1: I’ve had different experiences for ease of setup with printing in the past depending on the DE, which was why I asked. I think the printer setup on Plasma was glitchy for some people for a while, If I remember correctly.

still is or not?

It’s probably been a couple years by now. Time seems so irrelevant now lol

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Plasma (KDE5) was glitchy in many ways a few years back but nowadays most things seem pretty stable. Things eventually get ironed out usually. I try not to use a printer much though. Paper-free seems best, but yeah, sometimes you have to.

lp: x: cups,kelvin this is in my grougs config i did not put it their but printer worked out the box.

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