Printer issue, fixed, in case this helps anyone else

Not sure if there is a more specific place I should put this, but I just wanted to drop this but of info here in case it helps someone. I know not many people use printers anymore, but I have to have a working printer.

I was having trouble connecting to my network printer over dnssd, and I kept getting a “Name or service not known” error. But my laptop running Manjaro could print to it no problem.

The issue ended up being that I needed to add the line
mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return]
to the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. This option was missing from the conf file on Endeavour. I have no idea if it has always been this way or if recent updates changed something. But if you are having this kind of printer trouble, this may be the fix you need.

The instructions are on the Avahi page on the Arch Wiki.


The wiki, if it doesn’t already exist there?

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updated the wiki:


Thanks for taking the time to share your solution. It can be a great help to others.

Also, welcome to the forum!