Prevent screen off due to idle when app is running


I was wondering how I would go about preventing EndeavourOS from turning off the screen as long as a particular process is running.

The problem I’m trying to solve: Spotify is running, and I’m listening to it using my external monitor’s speakers. When the screen turns off after a while (idle), the monitor speakers turn off.

How would I go about preventing this?

Thanks in advance

Which Desktop Environment? X or Wayland?

I’m running i3wm, and X11 I guess

If you are using XFCE you could enable “Presentation Mode” with the xfce power manager plugin.

Don’t know how i3wm handles it, but you could probably create a script using xset to toggle your power management/screen blanking for when you start and stop the app.

xset s off -dpms


Your power settings in i3 will be in your config file. You can make adjustments there.

You may find this helpful.