Praise for the EndeavourOS

When I signed into this forum couple of months
ago my first post had a title: “very happy new user”. I’m not new anymore, but I’m still happy… :smile:
I have used EOS now about three months and it has been the smoothest experience I have ever had in linux world. Of course I’m much more experienced now than I was when I first started with Ubuntu long time ago. But still I feel this has been so easy. Updates, installing new apps, maintaining system, everything just works. I’m sure that’s what most users really want. Of course it’s possible to spend time tinkering your distro as much as you like and I’ve done my share with that too… :wink:

In my country there’s an old saying for describing something just works. It’s called: “it works like the train toilet”. I think EOS does that. (I’m not sure about the modern trains and their toilets. They are not as simple as they used to…)… :grin:


Good to know you’re still happy :slight_smile: :enos_flag:

Most of the times only user can break train toilet, if try very very hard :rofl:
P.S. Hopefully you already told all of your friends and family that you’re using Arch, btw :upside_down_face:


No worries, I have installed EOS on my ladyfriend’s laptop… :rofl:


That’s what i call LOVE!!! :revolving_hearts:

- I use Arch honey!
- I use Arch too… :blush:



For the ones yet to find a girlfriend:

  1. Go to your balcony
  2. Shout I use arch btw!
  3. If you hear the same response from a girl in different balcony, you know you have found the one!

Taisit löytää sinulle oikean paikan!
Tosin me muutkin täällä ollaan puolestamme samaa mieltä… :wink:

Ja täällä saa tarvittaessa apua ihan aido(i)lta suomalaisilta, jos se mitenkään helpottaa asioita. :smile: