Power-profile cannot change to power saver at using wm

Hi, i’ve been try eos with i3wm and got this bug(?), so i switch to eos no desktop installation and then installing hyprland, and got this bug too.
im switch profile using cli:

powerprofilesctl set power-saver

for the first sec i check with running powerprofilesctl the current profile is set to power-saver, but after a sec i check again, that change to balanced profile again.


  1. Please provide hardware information.
  2. Please check if you are using any other conflicting power management daemons on your system. E.g: tlp, thermald, etc.
  3. Check the journal logs after you run the powerprofilesctl set power-saver command. (Hint: journalctl -b 0). It could be a firmware or kernel issue. If it is, the journal entries might contain clues.
  4. Go through your BIOS settings and see if there are any energy-management settings. If you set ‘Balanced’ in your BIOS, the BIOS might be overriding the operating system’s setting.