Power off stopped in the middle


While powering off my laptop I got some weird logs and after 2 hours it is stucked there.

I am not sure what is causing it but it looks like it has finished shutting down your filesystems so it is probably safe to hard power it off.

could be the powersave settings in Firmware/Bios … i had this happen on some machines… setting them to the higer one solved it for me in most cases.

Yes, I did that , but I dont want hard power it every time.
Want to know reason why is it happening

I doubt that, but will check .

Because never had similar thing with other distros.

Just did another power off. This time it is powered off almost instantly. No errors or messages.

Also checked Bios settings, didnt find anything about powersave, power or similar :slight_smile:

the magic of rolling releases comes in some times… new kernel newer libs … same machine can be fine again after one of the next update. As EndeavoueOS doe snot change much stuff.
It can be p.e. also TLP running and not working nice in your case… we do enable it p.d. try:
sudo systemctl disable tlp

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i see also the last line:
are you running any virtual machines? could be something not properly disabled / unloaded for virtualisation

Nope. Never used them on Linux, only Windows :slight_smile: so dont know why it is there.

How can I remove it or disable ?

VT-x for Intel processors and AMD-V for AMD processors mostly are enabled or disabled in Firmware… and should not cause issues if not used…

Kernel has modules to handle it:
lsmod | grep kvm

> lsmod | grep kvm
kvm_amd               139264  0
kvm                  1036288  1 kvm_amd
irqbypass              16384  1 kvm
ccp                   118784  1 kvm_amd

looks normal to me :wink:

You can try disable kvm in Firmware but as you say it is not happening anymore… could be something hanging / not clean finished process…

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Ok, I will keep an eye on this . If it is happened again, I will ask you how to disable kvm in Firmware :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing that can cause strange problems are some definitions in file /etc/fstab, especially when removable disk drives are used.

Just wanted to mention this, although your issue might not be caused by it.

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