Power monitor widget

windows 10/11 user , i used both
and i want to say, when i was a windows user hahaha

I’ve used every Windows since 3.1

What is the “XD”? Is that since special thing?? I’ve just never heard of it. Or did you mean “XP”? Which is like the greatest OS ever made imo. I loved it.

XD means laughing face, i used windows XP . old memory

Got it. . . You may consider this is a forum and not a text message. Capitalization, punctuation, and not using things like that will do you a lot of good when folks are trying to help you. Especially since with pacman those things are all INCREDIBLY important. At some point people stop helping those who don’t put the effort in for themselves.

Any way, just a suggestion.

i will re-check what i say

So, now that @jonathon has solved your problem, and it has been determined that the widget is working properly, please mark one of his replies (the one containing the most useful information) as the solution.

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