postmarketOS revolutionizes smartphone hacking November 26, 2021 on Drew DeVault's blog

I read this article this am. I don’t have/need a smart phone since I am surrounded by people that do. Any way thought some here would be interested. :crossed_fingers:

From the article :point_down: Note short read.

The XDA ecosystem is based on Android, which is a mess in and of itself. It’s an enormous, poorly documented ball of Google code, mixed with vendor drivers and private kernel trees, full of crappy workarounds and locked-down hardware.

postmarketOS, on the other hand, is based on Alpine Linux, which happens to be my favorite Linux distribution. Instead of haphazard forum threads collecting inscrutable ports for dozens of devices, they have a single git repository where all of their ports are maintained under version control, complete with issue trackers and merge requests, plus a detailed centralized wiki providing a wealth of open technical info on their supported platforms.

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