Possible to lock apps with password?

When I click ithe app icon (ex:Firefox) on the dock it should ask for the password. Is it possible to do like that??

Extension :- Dash to Dock

Why? You are logged in as the user. Why should it only start regular apps with password?

I’ve never tried, but just logging out or having a guest user is the traditional way of keeping people out of your stuff while still letting them use your machine. I think this is something only smartphones really implement.

my relatives will use my pc. I have discord and other chatting apps in the dock. They just read stuff which i dont want. thats why

Guest user. Will look into it thanks

That’s why you are running an operating system that supports multiple user accounts. They shouldn’t be using your account for that.

Make them their own user accounts and don’t give them sudo privileges.


Cool … Thanks :slight_smile: