Possibility to tell pacman skip a repo if not reachable

Hi to all,

I have an additional repo for “trinity-packages” in my pacman.conf. This repo (repo.nasutek.conf) is making trouble in annoying short time spans. Sometimes the server is offline, or the sst cert has expired, or simply it gets a 404 error. If this happens complete update process is inhibited until I open pacman.conf and set a ‘#’ at all trinity repo lines. Is there a psooibility to tell pacman if this repo is not reachable it can be skipped automatically?

I can’t think of any way to do that in pacman (though it might exist - maybe in future) - but nothing is stopping you from pre-testing the accessibility of the repos, and swapping (or sed’ing) the mirrorlist appropriately before calling the upgrade process. You could do this with a simple script, or perhaps a bash function and an alias.

Not being a bash guru, I would just do the ‘quality test’, then copy the appropriate mirrorlist (one with the repo commented out, and one with it in) into visibility and call pacman -Syu from the script.

Good luck!

That is what I have done before - but it is not as simple as you think. Error messages are different in every case and introducing pacman6 they have changed all, maybe there are some new. I hoped that it is introduced now :confused:

One “clumsy” workround might be to create an extra pacman-trinity.conf with that repo included and create an alias like “trinipac” (or something) to point to it:

alias trinipac='sudo pacman -syu --config /etc/pacman-trinity.conf'

If the repo is not reachable, then you run your regular sudo pacman -Syu


Adding to what @pebcak suggested, you can check 404 via the shell

if ! curl -s --head  --request GET "www.link.com/file" | grep "404 Not Found" > /dev/null
       sudo pacman -Syu --config /etc/pacman-trinity.conf
       sudo pacman -Syu

Splitting off this ugly repo in an own configuration file and doing a “s-step” is the best solution. Many thanks for inspiration!


Off topic - I could never get trinity to load, can’t remember the exact error, it was a while ago. Have you?

I am curious too. My experience with Trinity on Arch is that, like all the other DEs that only target a static release, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

That being said, I never actually wanted to run Trinity so I haven’t actually put any effort in. :rofl:

off-topic answer: Yes it runs here. I remember I have to symlink some libs but it is too long ago to recognize. But looking exacttly at the error messages during startup and asking the web got the solution in short time.

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@dalto @df8oe will have another go (when the repo is up!!).

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